Unlock the Power of a Secured Loan!

Whether you’re aiming to conquer high-interest debt or embark on a home improvement project, secured homeowner loans offer a robust solution – all without impacting your current mortgage rate. 

Empowering Your Financial Future!

Transform Your Financial Landscape with Secured Homeowner Loans!

At Manuka Money, we dedicate ourselves to tailoring secured loan plans that intricately match your distinct needs and financial circumstances. Our approach is driven by a deep understanding of your individual requirements, ensuring that the secured loan solution we craft seamlessly aligns with your financial framework. Moreover, we take immense pride in our cost-effectiveness.

Our rates stand out, being up to 50% lower compared to those offered by most brokers. This signifies that when you secure a loan with us, you’re not just obtaining a low-rate loan – you’re embracing an unparalleled level of value that transcends traditional financial offerings. Our commitment to exceptional service and financial empowerment is unwavering, making your experience with us a journey toward optimal financial outcomes.

    What is a Secured Loan?

    A secured loan, also known as a homeowner loan, lets you borrow money by using a valuable asset like your car, a valuable item, or most commonly, your home’s equity as collateral. At ManukaMoney.co.uk, we exclusively arrange secured loans tied to property.

    Why are secured loans attractive? They pose lower risk to lenders, allowing for larger borrowings than unsecured loans, often with lower interest rates.

    Monthly repayments cover both the principal and interest. Remember, secured loans have a catch: failure to keep up with repayments may result in the lender claiming the collateral, potentially even your home.

    Explore the Benefits

    Comprehensive Benefits of Manuka Money's Secured Loans!


    Unlock Financial Flexibility with Borrowing Ranging from £15,000 to 1.5 Million.


    Receive a Complimentary Property Valuation.


    Say Goodbye to Upfront Fees and Hidden Charges.


    Explore Generous High Loan-to-Value Choices.


    Access Tailored Solutions for Poor Credit Scores.


    Trust in Our Repeatedly Awarded Services at ManukaMoney.co.uk.

    Our Secured Loans Redefine Your Financial Landscape!

    Beat the Monthly Bill Stress

    Overwhelmed by Monthly Credit Card Payments, Loan Repayments, and Commitments?

    Rest easy, as our clear and budget-friendly consolidation solution is designed to provide you with comprehensive coverage.

    Take Charge of Your Finances with a Secured Loan

    Rediscover Financial Stability with a Debt Consolidation Secured Loan.

    Moreover, unlock additional funds for enhancing your home. Witness the remarkable metamorphosis of both your finances and your living space.

    Our Happy Clients Say It All

    Our clients’ satisfaction speaks volumes about our secured loan services. Delighted by our tailored solutions and exceptional value, our clients find financial relief and enhanced opportunities through Manuka Money’s offerings.

    Discover the Insights That Truly Matter!

    These real-life experiences offer a glimpse into the world of Manuka Money. Learn first-hand how we've transformed aspirations into reality, providing tailored mortgage solutions and unwavering support.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of secured loans?

    Secured loans often offer lower interest rates, higher loan amounts, and longer repayment terms compared to unsecured loans. They can be a good option for borrowers who need a larger loan or have a less-than-perfect credit history.

    Can I apply for a secured loan with a bad credit score?

    Yes, you can apply for a secured loan with bad credit. Since the loan is secured with collateral, lenders may be more willing to approve your application despite a poor credit report or history.

    How much can I borrow with a secured loan?

    The amount you can borrow with a secured loan depends on the value of your collateral, your credit history, and your ability to repay the loan. At ManukaMoney.co.uk you can borrow from £10,000 to over a million depending on status

    What is the typical repayment period for secured loans?

    Repayment periods for secured loans can range from 3 to 25 years, depending on the loan amount, your financial situation, and the lender’s terms.

    Representative Example for secured loans: based on borrowing £18,000 over 120 months. Interest Rate: 5.5% fixed for 60 months with instalments of £213.33. Followed by 60 months at the lenders standard variable rate of 5.7% with instalments of £214.36. Fees: Broker fee (£1,062); Lender fee (£595). Total amount payable £25,756.4 comprised of; loan amount (£18,000); interest (£6,004.4) including broker fee and lender fee. Overall cost of comparison 7.902% APRC. This means 51% or more of our clients receives this rate or better for this type of product. We have arranged borrowing with rates from 4.9% to 29% APRC which has allowed us to help customers with a range of credit profiles. We are a broker not a lender.

    Secured Loans have a minimum term of 36 months to a maximum loan term of 360 months. Maximum APRC charged 29%.

    Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or other debt secured on it.

    If you are thinking of consolidating existing borrowing, you should be aware that you may be extending the terms of the debt and increasing the total amount you repay.